Caringer & Friends on KCMQ


Caringer and Friends moved from KFRU to KCMQ in May of 1980.  With Harold Carstairs, Verna Wormgear, Dr. Jerry Lobot, Dr. Fred Fornvac B.A. Credit Brain Surgeon, and many more - (including the Bruce and Larry on Saturday Mornings), the broadcast crew ensconced in in the 97 story Marconi Building (in reality, a one story bungalo behind a lumber yard) took a 3000 watt FM to the top.  It was great fun - including an amazing Homecoming Parade Promotion that brought the Fighting Croutons to their peak!  Air checks will be added as time allows.  If you have a request - drop me a note!

Bruce Jones and Larry Caringer

02 Bruce & Larry KCMQ.mp3KCMQ_Air_Checks_files/02%20Bruce%20%26%20Larry%20KCMQ.mp3KCMQ_Air_Checks_files/02%20Bruce%20%26%20Larry%20KCMQ_1.mp3shapeimage_5_link_0
Caringer & Friends July 82 #2.mp3KCMQ_Air_Checks_files/02%20Caringer%20%26%20Friends%20July%2082%20%232.mp3KCMQ_Air_Checks_files/02%20Caringer%20%26%20Friends%20July%2082%20%232_1.mp3shapeimage_6_link_0