KXLY Billboard 1976


I’m not making this up.  That was our Billboard and catchy slogan for the rating book the fall of 1976.  We also kicked off the rating book by painting someone’s house!  The house painting project was supposed to help a needy person - get us some positive publicity and create some traffic around the place.  The PD had some choices in the City - but, turned his back on those meager one and two story homes -- and, instead, picked a 3-story farm home that was HUMONGOUS.  The place was out in the Palouse- where no one went on purpose.  Farmland as far as the eye could see.  Climbing a ladder to the third story of a home - to paint it a very ugly shade of hot green (the trim was painted red) - and doing it for radio wages -- was NOT a great feeling.  These air checks date back to the beginnings of Caringer & Hayter - a team formed with John Hayter - that lived for just about two years.  (We broke up in Sacramento - after a tour at KROY.)

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Pretty Good Likeness!

John Hayter - Larry Caringer