Larry Caringer Song Parodies

Here's a smattering of song parodies I've written over the years. They were written for different syndicators.

Most were produced with help from Michael Terry of The Musiclab --

*Sung by Deena Miller

**Sung by Bill Holiman

***Sung by Jimmy Mola

#Sung by Tracey Marble

Black Flag -- Dido wouldn't wave a White Flag -- But, there are times you just can't put down the Black Flag.#

Another Gift Box -- Holiday song based on "Another Post Card" by Barenaked Ladies**

Waiters -- John Mayer says it's good to be kind to your "Daughters." We think 0thers are important, too.***

Your Gifts Are the Cheapest -- holiday tune based on the Cheryl Crow remake of Rod Stewart's hit "The First Cut is the Deepest."*

Michael Jackson's Coming to Town -- An oft-redone Xmas classic -- updated to scary proportions.**

Weighty -- Lenny Kravitz's Lady has added a little to her "background."***

I'm Overdrawn -- Kelly Clarkson's next hit.*

Peee-Ewww -- Jessica Simpson's recent hit "With You."*

Lord of the Rings - The King Returns was the final chapter of Lord of the Rings Trilogy. By "The King," they meant "Elvis," right?

Recipe -- Tom Petty's hit "Refugee" just became a Thanksgiving song.**

The Simple Life -- Paris Hilton's TV show "Simple Life" needed a new theme song.*

Anybody for some Popcorn? (a song based on that old song called "Popcorn.")

When beer goes bad -- it's goes to Skunky Town (based on Funky Town)*

Gary Allen did a country song called "Strong Little Boys" -- I did one called "Some Little Boys"

It's a "Different World" all right!**