Radio Comedy Bits


Here are a few bits I’ve written, voiced and produced for:

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A PhD who should know better was filming a snake special in Indonesia -- and got bit -- while standing in a cave in waste-deep bat guano.  Ugh.  Ouch.  BIT

64 Percent of Americans say they spend more time with a computer than their spouse.  Here's some help.  BIT

Consumer Reports Magazine did a study recently that shows the price is not necessarily the price -- for anything.  BIT

A new study shows that Tasers don't really hurt people all that much.  Oh good!  BIT

The TSA has come up with a new way to scan airline passengers.  They can see through your clothing!  BIT

Senator Larry Craig didn't resign, but he did change our lexicon.  BIT

They say a deep male voice is sexier to a woman than a man with a voice in a higher register.  Hmmm.  BIT

A new study shows Moose in Norway are releasing enough gas to cause Global Warming.  Here's the solution.  BIT

Ever wanted to be on the scene reporting live when a Hurricane hits?  You can sign up here!  BIT

Apple Computer's Steve Jobs wants to build the first iCar.  VW's going to help.  BIT

Senator Larry Craig of Idaho ran this ad -- before resigning -- then taking it all back...sorta.  BIT

Believe it or not, an Internet start-up has come up with software that eavesdrops on your Internet phone calls - and sends ads to your computer based on your conversation.  And, nobody, seems to have any concerns about something called "privacy."  BIT

Chinese Imports anyone?  BIT

There's a study that shows kids who watch 2-hours or more of TV per day will grow up with A.D.D.  This group disagrees.  BIT

Credit problems are killing the U.S. economy.  But, one company stands ready to "fix" everything!  BIT

In the 1960s, the U.S. Navy built a very nice apartment building.  Just the other day somebody using Google Earth discovered that from space, the building is in the shape of a huge swastika.  The Navy would love to explain!  BIT

After the President of Iran said there were no Gays in his country, we sent Senator Larry Craig on a special undercover mission to the "Iran Airport."  BIT