Sgt. Wormgear of the Yukon

Live Radio Drama lived on past the “Golden Age of Radio” when Sgt. Wormgear of the Yukon took to the Air as part of the Saturday Morning Bruce and Larry Show.

Bruce Jones and Larry Caringer wove an amazing tapestry of characters and bits together to present a fun, engaging and always outrageous way to start the day.

After moving to Upstate New York (Binghamton) - WENE - Larry rekindled the Sgt. Wormgear Spirit with Don Webb - and brought new life to a great franchise.  Check out the links below.


A Morning in Time - circa 1981

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The Sgt. Wormgear on WENEWENE_Sgt._Wormgear.htmlWENE_Sgt._Wormgear.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
The Sgt on KCMQSgt._Wormgear_KCMQ.htmlSgt._Wormgear_KCMQ.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
     TO GO HOMElarry_caringer.html
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