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Bush White House Advisor Andrew Card Gets a Real Job
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Bruce the Belldinger’s Father’s Day
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The FBI Digs for Hoffa
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Current Events
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Caringer and Friends 
Bits, Rants, Thoughts - ETC
Bruce the Belldinger
Beginnings and Endings
I did mornings on WLAD from January 06 until May 08.  It was a lot of fun.  A great bunch of folks to work with.  Hope you enjoy these air checks!  Thanks to Irv and Bart for making my first daily talk show experience - a fun one!
Caringer and Friends WLAD Air Checks
This page is loosely arranged by categories.  Beginnings and Endings - Obvious - but fun - especially the unscripted beginnings.  Bits, Rants, etc - A collection of stuff from off the top of my head.  Current Events - Well, they were at the time!  Bruce’s stuff - Just funny, funny and, oh yeah - funny.  The cool thing about these bits is they are very similar to the kind of stuff I did in music radio.  Time was still of the essence - the clock keeps on tickin’ no matter what format you’re in.  If you want the whole experience, be sure to check out the air check from one entire show -- it’s right here.