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It’s been a long time since Verna Wormgear first opened the doors at Wormgear Mall.  The first mall opened its doors in 1983 outside Hartford, Connecticut, where Caringer and Friends were working at WCCC-FM.  The Mall, then moved to WHYN-FM with Larry - and was a long-running hit that turned into a nationally syndicated product through Dorsey and Donnelly’s National Comedy Wireless. 

When Larry went to the American Comedy Network, the Mall moved with him.  National syndication continues there today.  Mall material has aired on thousands of radio stations worldwide. 

The true beginngs of the Mall Date back to 1982 and WENE where the Wormgear Department Store - opened as a counterpoint to the opening of a Boscov’s Department Store in Binghamton, NY.  The advertising blitz for the event was so over the top, something had to be done -- and Wormgear Department Store was the answer 

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