Current Writing Projects

Golf Beat - now available at as both a print book and ebook plus Apple’s iBooks and Barnes & Nobel and Amazon as an ebook and paperback -  captures the highs and lows of a golf obsessed community somewhere in the U.S.  Persimmon Pines is a town that might be in the Southeast - could be in the Midwest or the Southwest - anywhere Golf is celebrated as an activity that defines you as a human being.

The book is written as connecting columns from the local paper, The Persimmon Pines Times.

I have, also, written a TV Series pilot script, which use the stories from the book, to set the story arc for the first season.

A Book - Two TV Series...and lots more
Golf Beat Writing_Projects_files/Golf%20Beat%20%28Pilot%20Episode%29.pdfWriting_Projects_files/Golf%20Beat%20Episode%201.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0
The TV Series Pilot
Killer of Souls.pdfWriting_Projects_files/Killer%20of%20Souls_1.pdfWriting_Projects_files/Killer%20of%20Souls_1.pdf
Fun-Filled Novel Sample
Two Short Stories
A Faceless Corporation Has Stolen My Cheese.pdf
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Golf Beat
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